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Will Tye lacks that get-up-and-go-get-it

Strong safety Malcolm Jenkins #27 of the Philadelphia

Strong safety Malcolm Jenkins #27 of the Philadelphia Eagles intercepts a ball intended for tight end Will Tye #45 of the New York Giants thrown by quarterback Eli Manning #10 to score a 34 yard touchdown during the first quarter of the game at Lincoln Financial Field on Dec. 22, 2016 in Philadelphia Credit: Getty Images / Al Bello

PHILADELPHIA — Will Tye said what everyone who roots for the Giants was saying as well.

“I’ve got to go get it,” the tight end said. “Oh, man, I’ve got to go get it.”

The problem was that he did not.

On the Giants’ final offensive play of the game, Eli Manning lofted a pass for Tye near the goal line. The Stony Brook University product settled under the ball as if he were about to field a punt rather than attacking it, which allowed Eagles safety Terrence Brooks to zip in front of him and intercept it with five seconds remaining.

“I’d been catching all day, the hands were ready to go,” said Tye, who finished with five catches for 23 yards. “I just have to go get it and make that play that we need no matter what. That was the last play and it mattered the most.”

Tye was short of the end zone and the Giants had no timeouts remaining, so catching the ball and getting tackled in bounds would have been almost as bad as allowing the interception. But he was close enough to the sideline that he could have gotten there with the ball. And he also was close enough to the end zone that he could have tried to break a tackle and score.

The other option that he did not take advantage of was to become a defensive back and break up the pass. That would have given the Giants at least five seconds to throw another pass into the end zone for a potential game-winning touchdown.

Tye did none of those.

“Always go get it,” he said.

Good advice. Too bad for the Giants that he did not follow it.

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