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Witherspoon replaces Blackmon on Giants roster

Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin Credit: Getty Images

The evolution of kickoff returner for the Giants has gone like this: D.J. Ware to Darius Reynaud to Will Blackmon, back to D.J. Ware, Hakeem Nicks once, back to D.J. Ware, and now maybe to … Brian Witherspoon.

Wait, who’s he?

Brian Witherspoon in the defensive back and kick returner that the Giants have signed to take the place of Blackmon, who has been put on injured reserve with a knee injury that flared up last week. Blackmon, who joined the Giants in October when Mathias Kiwanuka was put on IR, played in only five games for the Giants and while he was fearless as a punt and kickoff returner he never was quite able to get anything going in either department. He averaged 6.7 yards per punt return and 18.3 yards per kickoff return.

So what about the new guy?

Well, according to a Tweet by his agent Dennis Boyev, Witherspoon has had some 40-yard dashes timed in the 4.2 range. That’s pretty fast. He’s played for the Jaguars and the Lions and was with the Panthers this preseason.

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