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You can't spell "elusive" without E-L-I either

Giants quarterback Eli Manning celebrates after the game-winning

Giants quarterback Eli Manning celebrates after the game-winning touchdown against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. The Giants won, 24-20. (Nov. 6, 2011) Credit: Getty

Who had the longest run for the Giants on Sunday?

Time’s up. It was Eli Manning, who scrambled for 12 yards late in the fourth quarter and slid just moments before throwing the game-winning touchdown pass. And it was Manning, too, who spun out of the pocket and got away from blitzing linebacker Gary Guyton up the middle on the first-and-goal play, managing to avoid the sack that would likely have forced them to settle for a field goal (if that) and overtime and keeping them within striking distance of the winning points.

“That may have been the play of the game,” Tom Coughlin said yesterday. “Guyton was right on top of him. I mean point blank range. And not only does he avoid him and rolls to his left, but he almost throws a strike. That ball, arguably, is a catchable ball. It’s off balance. It’s to his left. He makes a heck of a play.”

Yes, clunky Eli Manning saved the game with his feet.

Coughlin also hinted that Manning used his mind and had other chances to run but decided to wait until the proper time.

“A quarterback sees the coverage and recognizes the coverage,” he said. “Sometimes when the coverage is such that it is a vulnerable coverage to the quarterback pulling the ball down and running, he doesn’t do it until a key time in the game when perhaps you need it the very most. That’s when he pulled it down and ran. I thought that that was wise.”

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