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Given the choice, more women would watch the Super Bowl than men

Super Bowls won: Super Bowl XL, XLIII The

Super Bowls won: Super Bowl XL, XLIII
The Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger did not play up to expectations in his first Super Bowl win over the Seattle Seahawks. In Super Bowl XLIII, against the Cardinals, Roethlisberger was much more effective going 21-for-30 with 256 yard passing and one touchdown.

The teams haven't arrived in Dallas yet, but the email boxes of reporters covering the Super Bowl are already filling up with quirky, odd and, yes, sometimes interesting press releases from companies hoping to lean into the NFL's spotlight.

Here's an interesting one from, which is an Internet dating site. They surveyed 1,048 singles and asked them a few Super Bowl related questions. A few of the questions had to do with, well, the thing most people on Internet dating sites are looking for, which will henceforth be called "you-know-what." Anyway, here's what they found:

73 percent of women responded that they’d rather watch Sunday’s big game than do you-know-what, whereas nearly 50 percent of men said they’d rather do you-know-what than watch the game. That means only 27 percent of women preferred you-know-what to watching the game.

57 percent of men said they’re rooting for the Green Bay Packers

54 percent of women said they’ll be cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers. (The poll did not break the results down geographically, but I would imagine that the area around Milledgeville, Georgia, skew the other way.)

Ryan Clark  of the Steelers was voted the hottest player in the game. Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Mason Crosby (Packers) and Hines Ward (Steelers) followed.

 Singles rank Green Bay, Wisconsin a “less romantic” city than Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When asked which city with a major football team they’d most want to visit for a romantic weekend, Green Bay and Pittsburgh both fared badly, but Green Bay came in dead last.

 Men and women agree on the best part of this Sunday’s football experience: the game.

Men chose Brett Favre (32 percent) as their preferred drinking buddy, followed by Peyton Manning (22 percent), Drew Brees (18 percent), Tom Brady (14 percent), LaDainian Tomlinson (8 percent) and Jason Taylor (6 percent).

Women chose Tom Brady (32 percent) followed by Drew Brees (20 percent), Peyton Manning (17 percent), Brett Favre (14 percent), Jason Taylor (12 percent) and LaDainian Tomlinson (5 percent).

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