As if the two-year soap opera in Philadelphia wasn't enough, Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb reportedly wants to see Terrell Owens in a Washington uniform this season.

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T.O. had a volatile run in Philadelphia in 2004-05, eventually earning a suspension and a ticket out of town after the 2005 season. Owens regularly questioned McNabb's ability in the second year, in part because of his frustration over the team's unwillingness to tear up his contract and give him a new one.

But cooler heads have prevailed, as ESPN's Ed Werder reports. Fortunately, it appears Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan will save McNabb from himself, because he has indicated that he has no intention of bringing Owens aboard. It has as much to do with the fact that Owens has slowed down at age 36 as it has to do with T.O.'s incessant me-first demeanor wherever he plays.