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Hot Dog Gate was no surprise to the Sanchez family

When word broke that Mark Sanchez was eating a hot dog on the sidelines of the Jets’ 38-0 win against the Raiders last Oct. 25, the moment came as no surprise to those who know Sanchez best.

“He’s been eating something on the sidelines between series since he was seven years old,” said Brandon Sanchez, Mark’s older brother. “He eats like you can’t imagine. You go to a diner, and he’ll get a $30 bill all by himself. Pancakes, eggs, you name it. That’s why I didn’t even think twice about it.”

But once it became obvious Mark had upset coach Rex Ryan, he decided to donate 500 hot dogs and 500 hamburgers to the Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown, N.J.
“He just wanted to make it right,” said Brandon, 31, who moved to New Jersey to help Sanchez manage his personal affairs. “He didn't mean anything disrespectful by eating on the sidelines, but once it became an issue, that was a way of turning it into a positive.”

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