A quick recap for those of you who missed it, or are just still too woozy from celebrating: Darrelle Revis made a sick interception of Philip Rivers. 

It was a lesson in concentration and alertness. Vincent Jackson went up for a ball and came down bobbling it. The ball bounced off his leg as he fell to the ground and landed in the open arms of Revis.

Of course, Revis was lying on his back after defending the play. Revis was smart enough to know he wasn't down by contact and got up and ran for some yardage. Big play for the Jets in their 17-14 playoff win over San Diego.

But, just how good was Revis' interception? Was it just plain luck? Or was it an exceptional play by the one-man island?

I think it was a little bit of both. It certainly wasn't the Troy Polamalu interception from last year, or the Jason Sehorn tip drill pick against the Eagles way back.

Still, it was a nice play. Where do you rank it? Watch all three videos below and decide.


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