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Instant replay tweak up next

Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin Credit: Getty Images

The NFL's instant replay system generally works well under the coach's challenge system, where each coach gets two replay challenges per game and plays in the final two minutes of each half are reviewed by a replay assistant in the press box. 

But the system is likely to get a tweak when owners meet next week in New Orleans, one we think is a very good idea. A proposal will be introduced that allows for a booth review involving all scoring plays - touchdowns, field goals and safeties. If the measure passes, coaches no longer have to use a challenge on a call involving any of those plays. 

The NFL would also remove the third challenge, which teams get if either of their replay challenges is upheld by the referee. 

Because scoring plays are among the most important - if not THE most important plays - in any game, the idea of allowing for a booth review instead of forcing the coaches to spend a replay challenge is a worthwhile move. About the only potential downside we see is that it could lengthen the time of games. But it's a small price to pay for getting it right and giving coaches one less thing to worry about when managing the game. 


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