The Jets begin their Official Team Activities training regimen Monday and center Nick Mangold plans to be there. But he'd like to have a new contract in his hand before doing so.

That doesn't appear likely, since the Jets have had only informal discussions about a new deal for the Pro Bowl center. Which leaves Mangold feeling somewhat "antsy" as the program begins.

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"It's getting down to the time when you get antsy about it," he said. "It's a matter of security. I don't want to go into the last year of my contract, have something bad happen as far as an injury, and then have it affect me down the road. I'd like to get something done, certainly before the season starts. It weighs on you." 

Mangold is entering the final year of his initial five-year contract, and with labor uncertainty continuing with stalled Collective Bargaining Agreement talks, he isn't sure what to expect.

"You see guys like [Saints guard] Jahri Evans and [49ers linebacker] Patrick Willis getting new contracts, at least there's something to look at to compare," he said.

Mangold said seeing the experiences of teammates Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington make him even more reluctant to go into the season without a new deal.  Both players suffered season-ending injuries.

"Sure that affects me," he said. "You see that they can come back from injuries, but you want to have some sort of security."