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Jets to cut prices for some seats

The Jets are assured of selling all 82,500 seats for the 2012 season, but they've decided to cut the prices of some upper bowl seats to "improve the value for our fans, especially our season ticket holders," according to new team president Neil Glat. 

The team announced the move today, per the Associated Press. 

Glat said the prices for seats in the endzone, corners and some along the sidelines will be reduced for the upcoming season. According to the AP, the last seven rows of four sections of sideline seats will fall from $105 per game to either $75 or $50, depending on the row. Those in the corners and in the end zone will drop from $95 to either $75 in six rows or $50 for the last seven rows.

"After taking a hard look and having analyzed the 300 level, we are going to adjust the price," Glat said. "We think we can do better in that area for our fans. The goal is to ensure that we have a lot of season ticket holders up there."

Fans who already have purchased 2012 tickets will receive the price adjustment. The Jets do not require personal seat licenses for the upper tier. 

"This was not an issue about worrying about getting games on TV," Glat said, "but what is the right price for the value for the fans. And there's really an emphasis in the NFL on season ticket holders, the lifeblood of the league."

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