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A case of perseverance (and a little luck)

Rub the cold out of your eyes Jets, fans. It's really true.

The Jets, despite all their stumbles and trials and tribulations that come along with developing a rookie quarterback, control their own playoff destiny. Let me repeat. The New York Jets control their own playoff destiny.


With yesterday's 29-15 victory over the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium, which is a gorgeous venue by the way, the Jets elevated themselves in the wild-card standings. A win against the Bengals on Sunday in what will likely be the final game played at Giants Stadium clinches an AFC playoff berth, and ends a two-year postseason drought.

Who would've thought that a week ago, much less a month ago?

"That just shows you how long this season is," Mark Sanchez said after the game when I asked him about the thought of being one win away from the playoffs in his rookie season. "You need to just trust these veterans, trust these coaches. Like they've told me all year, 'Don't worry, it's a long season.' Even after the Atlanta game, 'Don't beat yourself up' because they know I wanted to, they know I was going to be upset, that you've just got to move on. I've seen it from the veterans earlier in the year when we went on that streak of losing.

"Guys, they weren't Ok with losing. They knew how to get past it a little better than obviously I did. I would just get frustrated and not know what to think because I was not used to it. But these guys knew that this is long season. We win one more game and we're in. It will take another great effort like and if that happens, we'll get to start a whole new year."

So yes, apparently, there is a Santa Claus and we've found out his real name. It's Jim Caldwell, the guy some people in this midwest city loaded with miles of interstate aren't too happy with this morning.

It was a curious decision that obviously benefited the Jets, even though there was at least one person who would've liked to see how things would've shaken out if Caldwell didn't force Peyton Manning and most of the starters to exit stage right with just under six minutes remaining in the second half.

But that's all sports radio talk fodder now. The Jets have bigger fish to fry. Make that a few Bengals to hunt.

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