By now, the sports world is used to the boastful bluster of rookie Jets coach Rex Ryan, but some of his players believe his brash nature is starting to overshadow his brain power. After all, the Jets have the NFL's No. 1-ranked defense over all and in many categories.

Oh, and they are in the AFC title game Sunday in Indianapolis. "I feel like Rex doesn't get enough credit for X's and O's as much as he does for his personality," cornerback Dwight Lowery said today. "He's a very smart coach. He understands football, but he also understands his players. That's something some teams have maybe lost a little bit. They don't try to understand the players' perspective and where they're coming from.

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"We're the ones on the field playing, and he understands that, and there's a lot of communication between coaches and players as far as what's going on. He's open, and he's also good from an entertainment perspective. Everything he says isn't necessarily to provide bulletin board material for another team.

"It's more so of, well, why would you ever go out and play the game of football where it's a physical contact game where you're trying to impose your will on somebody and be shy about it? There's a certain point in time where you have to be confident about what you're doing and the work you've put in and that your team can get the job done. He voices what's on his mind and what's in his heart. That's good not just for the game, but as a person."