Damien Woody sure thinks so.

Sure, the Chargers have won 11 straight games, average 28.4 points per game and have rattled off at least 20 points in 22 successive contests. No matter, if you ask the Jets right tackle.

He think it's time for the law of averages to kick in.

“They are due for a bad game" he told me. "Hopefully, it’s this game. It’s a great winning streak that they are on, but that bye week can work against you because they haven’t played competitive football in awhile now. You can’t simulate that in practice.

"You can't simulate our defense in practice, they can’t simulate our running game in practice. I think those are two things that’s working in our favor."

What about Philip Rivers, though? The guy has had an unbelievable season, passing for a career-high 4,254 yards. His 28 touchdown tosses are the fourth-most in team history and he's been solid with the ball in his hands, getting picked off just nine times in 486 attempts.

His interception percentage (.019) was the sixth-lowest and Rivers also boasted one of the league’s best quarterback ratings (104.4), which was the third-highest in the NFL.

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So what makes the Jets think he's going to have an off game tomorrow?

"It's the due factor. He's due right?" Ryan said with a laugh earlier in the week. "Surely to goodness, you can't play the whole season and not have a bad day. So I feel good about that. That's a good one based on facts, isn't it? When I looked at that, just going down the line, 20 points is the least they have scored. It's an incredible challenge for us. You've got to give them a ton of credit. Their scheme is excellent. [Norv] Turner does a great job, always has. They draft players and bring players that fit their system, and that's tall, speed receivers that are in great shape.

"I tell you what, most big receivers are not in the kind of shape that these guys are in. We had Cam Cameron with us in Baltimore. He used to say word?class shape. Well that's what those guys are in. You have a huge tight end that's as good as there is. You have two running backs back there that are tough, and you've got an offensive line that really competes. I like [Kris] Dielman, the left guard is a tough guy. He reminds me of Conrad Dobler back a few years ago, who played for the Cardinals and all those teams.

"Again, it's a heck of a team and a heck of a challenge, but we think we are pretty good on defense. So we are going to find out. Something is going to give."