Good Morning
Good Morning

Bart Scott limps off TNA wrestling

Bart Scott, the outspoken Jets linebacker, makes an appearance on this Thursday night's TNA Impact pro wrestling show at 9 p.m.

The highlights below, provided by Spike TV, show Scott mixing it up in a backroom brawl (he's a pretty good fighter off his back, by the way) and getting into a verbal soiree with Kurt Angle. Hmmm, wonder if they were talking about the Steelers game?

The final snippet shows Scott hobbling away from the ring with the assistance of two referees. Uh oh, is Scott really hurt? Maybe he's taking this NFL labor dispute a little too hard?

Relax, folks, we're just fooling around. This is pro wrestling . . . sports entertainment . . . scripted amusement designed to entertain the mass. Scott is not hurt, as Roderick Boone will tell you later when you see his story. He spoke to both Scott and Hulk Hogan on Wednesday.

In the meantime, loosen up, watch the video below and don't start calling WFAN saying "This is a distraction to the team."


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