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Good Morning

Brady on Cromartie: Maybe it's a compliment

Asked on the conference call with Jets reporters about Antonio Cromartie calling him an  -- yesterday, Tom Brady took it in stride.

"My coach has called me that, my offensive coordinator has, and those guys like me," he said. "Maybe (Cromartie) likes me, I don't know."

Brady said he can't recall pointing at the Jets sideline after a touchdown on Dec. 6, as Cromartie alleged.

"I hope not," Brady said when asked if he'd been disrespectful. "It's certainly not my intent. I'm sure there's 50,000 cameras on the game; if I did that, I'm sure they'd show it.

"I'm very emotional when I play ...  I'm thoroughly excited when we score touchdowns. That's a damn good defense we're playing against and I'm excited when we can score against them. They're a tough defense to score against."

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