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Brady on loose-lipped Jets: 'We let our play do our talking'

Tom Brady has heard the Jets.

“I don’t think it’s going to have any bearing on anything that happens this weekend, not in any situation,” the Patriots quarterback said on his Monday morning radio appearance on WEEI in Boston. “The whole team is talking. ‘We’re gonna get them back, we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna play this.’ And that doesn’t mean anything either. To me it’s a lot more hype than what really matters, which is what you do when the game starts. We could sit here and make a bunch of predictions and these are all the things we’re going to do, but that’s just not the way we go about our business. We let our play do our talking.

“It was the same way going into the last game,” Brady continued. “There was all this hype, build-up, talking, here’s what we’re going to do. And then the whistle blows and then you have to go play. That’s the same way it’s going to be this week. We’re going to see who’s ready to play. We’re not going to buy into all of that.”

Brady was asked if the 45-3 score the last time the two teams play will serve more as a confidence booster for the Patriots or a motivational tool for the Jets.

“You say ‘Look, this is how we played them, this is how we match up, if we play well we can beat them,’” Brady said. “It doesn’t need to be by 42 points. That’s not what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to beat them by one point. It’s going to take a lot of great execution. There are a lot of reasons why that game ended up the way it ended up. They’re not going to come in here going ‘Let’s try to repeat that and do all the same things we did in that game.’ I’m sure they’re going to look at that film and say ‘These are all the things we have to do to make adjustments to beat the Patriots.’ We’re going to evaluate that game film too, and so are they.”

Brady added that the familiarity between the two teams makes it easier to study that film.

“They’re very much the same team they’ve been all season long,” he said. “After that game (the 45-3 one), they didn’t change. They look like the same team. They went out and played a great game against the Colts and they deserved to win that game. They made some big plays when it mattered, like they’ve done all year. They show a lot of resiliency and mental toughness and that’s why they’re in the position that they’re in. We’ve got to understand the strengths of their team and hopefully not play into those strengths like we did in Week 2. We’ve got to go out there and play a great game of football.

“Because we know them so well, it’s not going to be a big trick game,” Brady said. “It’s not like they’re going to surprise us with anything or we’re going to surprise them … The team is what it is at this point. They just beat the Colts. It’s not like they’re going ‘Wow, we sure have to reinvent everything now.’ The die has been cast on both sides of the ball. They’re going to do the things that they think they do best and that work well against us. That’s what game-planning is all about.”

And with the Jets, of course, game-planning comes with a heavy dose of chatter.

“I think everyone by the end of the week is going to be tired of talking about it,” Brady said.

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