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Brady: "This is not the Super Bowl"

Tom Brady has played in a few big games in his career in New England, as evidenced by those three huge Super Bowl rings he has.

That's why the Patriots' laid back quarterback isn't ready to buy into the hype that's completely engulfed a Jets-Patriots tilt that's still four days away, even if it's a showdown for first place in the AFC East and could have implications on who gets a first-round bye in the postseason.

"Well, it’s a game," Brady told Boston-area reporters today at his weekly press conference. "It’s a regular-season game against a division opponent that’s 9-2, and I think we treat it just like that. This is not the Super Bowl. There are games after this game that are very important as well. This game, for what we’re trying to accomplish and winning the division – which is always our first goal of this team – it’s a big game. You can’t expect to win the division and lose to the same team twice.

"We have to really go out and execute at a much higher level than we did the first time we played them because they don’t leave much room for error, this team," he added. "And they’ve shown that they take advantage of mistakes, offensively and defensively. They can score quick. They can score of defense. They’ve got some really dynamic players on defense. I think it’s been good having the extra few days to prepare. I think we’ve all used it well. We’ve just got to have a good few days of practice here leading up to the game.

A game against a team that he previously said he "hates."

"Do I still hate them?" Brady said, repeating the question. "Well, I promised Coach Belichick that I wouldn’t say anything derogatory, so, I have no comment."

Still, that doesn't mean Brady didn't give the Jets their props. He lamented his two interceptions and fumble in the Jets' 28-14 victory in Week 2 at New Meadowlands Stadium, praising the ability of the Jets' defense to make plays the way they did against him that September afternoon. 

"Well, turnovers are always an important part of the game," Brady said. "They’re scoring opportunities. That particular game, I don’t know how many we had – I know I had two interceptions – so that was not something I slept very well over for a long time. But, they made some good plays in that game. I think that’s what they showed. Antonio Cromartie is really a ball hawk. He’s got great hands and ball skills, great awareness. Darrelle Revis is really an incredible corner; he’s really a dynamic player for them, too.

"Oh, and Jason Taylor strip-sacked me – that’d be the other one – so, I guess I was responsible for all of them. He’s been doing that for a long time, too. I think they put a lot of pressure on you with their scheme. Their blitzing scheme is a very heavy blitz team on all downs and distances. They create a lot of different ways to cause confusion with the quarterback and with the offense. They make it tough on you – you’ve got to get the ball into tight spots. They’re covering guys pretty tightly, so we have to do a good job getting open and delivering the ball."

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