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Brandon Marshall wants to win ring with Jets

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall practices

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall practices during training camp at the team's training facility in Florham Park, N.J. on Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015. Credit: Andrew Theodorakis

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Brandon Marshall stuck up one hand and the pass stuck right in it, like one of those magic reception tricks Odell Beckham Jr. regularly pulls with the Giants.

The bleachers were filled with youth football players. They clearly were dazzled by the grab by the 31-year-old Jets receiver Monday, when Todd Bowles' team was practicing with an eye toward Saturday night's preseason game against those Giants.

"In terms of the plays on the field, the catches, his intelligence, that stuff has jumped out from Day One," quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said. "So it's hard to say it's a routine play to see him do that, but certainly I'm not shocked when he pulls something out like that."

Despite 773 receptions, 9,771 yards, 65 touchdowns and five Pro Bowls, Marshall still hasn't been able to pull out a playoff appearance in nine years, let alone claim a Super Bowl ring. So the 6-4, 230-pound wideout is bent on winning first prize with a Jets franchise that hasn't done that since Super Bowl III in 1969.

"I definitely want to win," Marshall said. "I don't know how I would move forward without a championship, you know like 45 years old, sitting on the porch, thinking about would've, could've -- that's going to be hard.

"Even though I'm going to be happy with my family and our [mental health] foundation and some business things I'm involved in -- I'm not going to be one of those guys who's going to have a hard transition -- but if I don't win, it's going to be tough. But all I can do every day is just put my best foot forward. I've got to win each day, each rep, and see what happens. I really believe in this team and it starts with coach Bowles."

Marshall comes with a stop at baggage claim after being traded three times. There were issues with his teams and teammates, plus trouble away from the field. In 2011, he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Asked if his reputation is unfair, Marshall said: "I'll let other people decide that. It is what it is. It's rightfully so from my past, but that's five, six years ago. All I can do is to keep looking myself in the mirror and try to be the best guy I can be every single day. That's my heart. That's who I am.

"The only thing that affects me is when my integrity is questioned, and anything that disrupts what we're trying to do with our cause. I don't play for myself anymore. I don't play for money. I play for the opportunity to get to know people and help people -- and win."

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