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Braylon Edwards: "Knew we'd get back to Pats"

Braylon Edwards of the New York Jets makes

Braylon Edwards of the New York Jets makes an 18-yard reception in the final minute of the fourth quarter against Jacob Lacey of the Indianapolis Colts, Saturday. (Jan. 8, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Fresh off their last-second 17-16 first-round playoff win over Peyton Manning and the Colts, most of the Jets simply wanted to savor a great, extremely satisfying moment. Questions about the New England Patriots, their divisional playoff opponent next week, could wait a couple days until players have to meet with the media again.

But one Jet was amped up about the chance to go back to Gillette Stadium, where the Jets suffered a humiliating 45-3 loss in a Monday night game on Dec. 6. Wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who got the pass (pictured above) that positioned the Jets for Nick Folk's game-winning 32-yard field goal, packed his bags, put on a stylish suit and said he already was starting to focus on the Patriots.

Asked about that horrific 45-3 score, Edwards said, "I give them all the credit in the world. They played well. But with that said, we allowed them to do it. We played their game. They got up on us and went to cover-2 zone. Who the hell has three-quarters worth of cover-2 play? So, if we take advantage of them early on and their man-to-man coverage or their cover-3, now, they're forced to play our game. Now, we fight."

Asked if that game lingered with the Jets, who also lost the following week to Miami, Edwards said, "We knew we'd get back at them. We just knew. In the back of our minds, we always felt as though we would get back to them and it would be about us [as AFC East rivals].

"It's not even about revenge. That's regular season. Who cares? Yeah, we got embarrassed, but that's the regular season. This is the playoffs. We're fighting for something so much different than, 'Oh, we got embarrassed the first game and the bounceback [stuff].

"If we beat them by one point, it's a win. They can have the 42-point win. We just want a one-point win."

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