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Braylon: "I'm home"

There's not many similarities between New York and Ann Arbor, Mich. For Braylon Edwards, though, there is one noticeable thing that draws a parallel to both places.


Edwards probably isn't fully versed in Jets' lore, so he might not totally understand how this run the Jets are on really hasn't been the norm for this franchise. But after missing out on the playoffs during his first four seasons in Cleveland, you should expect him to be downright giddy.

He’s experiencing feelings that haven’t raced through his 6-foot-3, 215-pound frame since his days of playing at the Big House.

“I feel like I’m home, this is where I was destined to be,” Edwards told me as he was finishing up getting dressed in the locker room after the Jets' improbable 17-14 win over San Diego Sunday afternoon. “I got drafted where I did for a reason. I was coming from a winning program, a winning university. That’s what I’m used to -- playing in the big games.
“So I feel like I’m back home, I feel like I’m back in college.”

Sure, he was still grateful to be paid to play a kid’s game, but Edwards grew weary of the losing situation with the Browns. He admits it was hard at times to get motivated to go to work because knew Cleveland never had much of a shot at winning.

But now, he feels revitalized. No one would be surprised if his skin on his forearms was a bit tender from the zillion times he's probably been forced to pinch himself over these last few weeks. Think about it: Here's a guy who's just a few months removed from watching his team lose its first four games of the season by a combined margin of 118-49.

So take a second to ponder what he'll really be feeling if the Jets can pull off another upset against the Colts in four days in Indianapolis, and he's Super Bowl bound along with the rest of his "new" teammates.

“Coming from where I’ve come from, yeah, it’s definitely hard to imagine,” Edwards said. “But for this team, I don’t think so. I think this team going into training camp has had this feeling that they could achieve this, that they could be where they are right now all year. And they’re just showing it.”

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