Braylon Edwards' lawyer cut through the tension inside the packed room at Cleveland Municipal Court yesterday by cracking a little joke, one that touched on a subject that's followed the wide receiver here from the shores of Lake Erie.

"He's a good man with good hands," attorney Pat D'Angelo said, "contrary to what people are saying."

"I don’t like this word, but I thought it was cute in terms of softening the judge or breaking the ice," Edwards said today, after rejoining the team to prepare for Sunday's AFC Divisional game against the Chargers. "It was a lot of cameras in there and everything was tense. And when he said that, it kind of loosened the mood and everybody had a chuckle. So he did a great job and that's why I’m here and playing for the Jets."

Edwards is taking some flack for the dropped passes he's racking up of late. He's dropped three potential touchdowns in the last six games, including two in successive weeks.

"I think right now it’s just a case of thinking too much," Edwards said. "Being out there, we are in a situation where we run the ball so much ... I had maybe two pass attempts on Saturday. So when you get one it’s, 'Ok, here it is. I’ve got to make it. I’ve got to make this play' and focus too much as opposed to just playing football and having fun. So I’ve talked to Coach Ryan and I’m comfortable with my game and where it's at right now."

The potential 41-yard TD he dropped Saturday is really killing him.

"Because it's just not the player I am," he said. "It wouldn't bother me if I was just an average player and it would just be a drop, 'Oh well. He might get the next one, he might not.' But I know that that’s not how I practice, that's not the kind of guy I am. So it just bothers me. You want to just go out there and do your thing, and have fun. Somebody told me recently, I have nothing to prove to nobody. I think the last year, I’ve been caught up in trying to prove myself to you guys or players or people around the league, and trying to prove what I am when I don’t have to prove anything. I know who I am. I’ve just got to go out there and be that guy as opposed to trying to prove that that’s me."

"I just basically need to go out there and just play and stop thinking, especially with this one situation behind me. "

That situation, of course, is the legal matter Edwards was facing that caused him to miss practice yesterday. Edwards pled no contest to aggravated disorderly conduct after he was initially facing aggravated assault for punching promoter Edward Givens -- a friend of Cavs superstar LeBron James -- in the face outside a Cleveland night club at 2:30 a.m. Oct. 5.

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Edwards was placed on probation, received a suspended 180-day jail sentence and additionally fined him $1,000. He said he can finally put that behind him and get back to focusing on football.

"It clears me," he said. "There would be a distraction if there was a case, and now it’s going to have a trial and you think about the trial. But the fact of the matter that it’s over, it’s over. It’s just that. So now like I said, I can just focus 100 percent on football and giving all I can to the Jets.

Edwards doesn't think he'll face any discipline from the NFL because he hasn't had any prior offenses.

"At the end of the day, without getting too in depth, I didn't even get a misdemeanor," he said. "So with that said, I don’t see any repercussions. But Roger Goodell has to make a decision and if he does, I support whatever he does. So right now, I’m playing football."