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Buddy isn't impressed by spread

Rex Ryan didn’t come though the hotel lobby, but fans waiting there got perhaps the next best thing.

Mangini? Heck no. They saw Rex’s father Buddy Ryan come through.

And Buddy is just as confident as Rex appears to be.

“I remember in ’68 we were what, 16-point underdogs,” he said of the Jets facing the Colts in Super Bowl III. “How much are we today?”

About seven and a half points on most lines.

“Hell, that’s nothing,” Buddy said.

Interestingly, it appeared the Buddy Ryan was also checking his reservation at Shula’s Steakhouse, which is located in the lobby of the team’s hotel. Don Shula, of course, was the head coach of the Colts in Super Bowl III.

See, it's a big round world. Everything comes back around again. Even if it takes 41 years.

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