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Camp Cortland: Day 10

New York Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens (11), and

New York Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens (11), and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6), chat briefly during warmups before a game against the New York Giants. Credit: Photo by John Dunn

Station six. Crew C.

That is the team Mark Sanchez's father quarterbacks as a fire captain. And that is the place where Sanchez says his father learned the lessons the young Jets quarterback is now showcasing as a leader for the Jet offense.

Wednesday, Sanchez's father Nick was in attendance at Jet camp just a short time after undergoing shoulder surgery. Said Sanchez: "It’s good to see him out here, right after shoulder surgery I didn’t expect to see him out here right away."

But more importantly, Nick Sanchez came to Cortland on a day where the Jets quarterback corps was interrogated more so than on any other day thus far this summer. The questions were one's that have been asked before -- just how good Sanchez looks heading into his second season -- and some that were brand new regarding the Jets third quarterback.

Rex Ryan offered up some new information regarding the quarterbacks all on his own on Tuesday,  information most believed to be the truth long before the announcement. Ryan named Mark Brunell the unequivocal second string quarterback behind Brunell.

So that leaves Kellen Clemens and Kevin O'Connell to fight for the Jets third-team quarterback spot -- the Jets are believed to be only taking three quarterbacks out of Camp.

It appears one will be cut. But Ryan denied that notion this afternoon. Even if Clemens himself said he was told the Jets will only keep three quarterbacks.

"If I'm here, I'm the three," Clemens said. "They told us they are only keeping three."

"[Brunell named the backup quarterback] was pre-determined [before the start of traiing camp]," Ryan said. "We brought him in to be our No. 2 guy."

Added Ryan: "I’m not sure about (only taking three quarterbacks) either.

Clemens provided run of the mill answers when asked about his job security, Clemens said he feels this summer is his best camp yet as a Jet.

O'Connell wasn't available to the media.

Regarding Sanchez, Ryan spoke highly of the starter harping on his grasp of the system.

But pertaining to the offense as a whole, Sanchez and Ryan were on polar opposite sides of the coin when it came to the team's pass protection.

Sanchez called it the aspect of the Jet offense the team is picking up on the fastest.

But Ryan said it was one of the premier issues of the day the Jets failed at. 

"Well, I defninitely think there was a protection issue today," Ryan said. "With that protection sometimes it breaks down and you can’t set your feet (for a quarterback)."

As for Clemens, Ryan provided few words of encouragement for the once-Jet starter. In his press conference at 1 p.m., Ryan said he did not see much out of Clemens today, despite the fact that Clemens lead the third team to score in a portion of the two minute drill.

And as for Clemens' competition, O'Connell had the highlight of the day for the quarterbacks if not the whole team, as he connected on a 35-yard perfectly thrown touchdown pass to Larry Taylor.

"I guess my head was somewhere else," Ryan said. "It didn’t jump out at me."


Ryan's head must have also been "somewhere else" last year for the Jets 27-25 victory over the Giants last preseason.

The head coach isn't one to put too much stake into preseason games, and says he hasn't decided yet for how long he will play the Jet first team Monday night in the first game at the New Meadowlands Stadium versus the Giants.

But Ryan did go far enough to say that he wouldn't be able to tell you who won that game on Aug. 29 of last year, or the score.

To Ryan, the preseason is the preseason. The games don't mean much.

"I couldn’t tell you who won the game or the score of the game last season," Ryan said. "It was preseason."


If there is one man on the vaunted Jets defense that Rex Ryan is the most impressed with through almost two weeks of camp, it's rookie cornerback Kyle Wilson.

Guess that could lessen the sting of a possible loss of Darrelle Revis just a little bit.

And in the perfect storm that is the Revis contract situation, perhaps it is just all talk.

Monday night, we will get a little closer to an answer though.

Wilson, who Ryan named the starter for the game against the Giants in Revis' vacated cornerback spot, has impressed the head coach with his communication and study habits ryan has seen on the campus of SUNY Cortland.

"Kyle, when you hear him out there he is talking as much as Jim Leonard is," Ryan said it is amazing what this guy is. Having to play nickel. Having to learn how to play corner, his communication and the way he study's. It would be great for you to see, maybe you can sit in on it, maybe Hard Knocks will show it with how this guy prepares, cause that’s a pro and that’s a guy who is a rookie right now."


Santonio Holmes will start thinking about his suspension "September-whatever".

Santonio, it's actually September third -- the day after the Jets final preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Until then, Santonio says he is waiting to think about waiting. 

When it comes to his four-week suspension he will have serve at the start of the season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, Holmes said Thursday morning he is not thinking about it. Not talking about it. Not even harboring any sort of a notion towards it.

At. All.

"That’s not in my focus right now," Holmes said. "That won’t happen until I leave camp once training camp is overwith."


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