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Camp Cortland: Day 12

TONY RICHARDSON, fullback He earned his bachelor's degree

He earned his bachelor's degree in education from Auburn in 2000 -- six years after he last played there -- and an MBA from Webster University in 2004. Credit: Getty/Al Pereira

Silence has yielded a sense of restlessness as the Jets hit the tail end of their second week of Training Camp here on the campus of SUNY Cortland.

"Monotony" was the word thrown around most by players, coaches and reporters alike here at the SUNY campus today.

But these Jets will tell you, a weird next level of monotony has suffocated this camp as the Jets are just three days away from their first preseason game against the Giants Monday night.

Due to the scenario regarding Darrelle Revis' now tight-lipped holdout, two-hour practices seem like three hour practices. Two-a-days feel like three-a-days, and Day 12 here in Cortland could easily pass for Day 22.

Basically, the Jets have been here for a long time. A really long time. And with the sudden combination of a halt regarding the topic that sent this camp into a frenzy (there wasn't one word or inkling pertaining to Revis-gate at Rex Ryan's press conference Friday) along with Hard Knocks, now the Jets are scratching to get to that first game.

The yearning to be back in the Meadowlands came hard and fast.

It came quick.

So much has already happened in these dozen days. Too much than what should perhaps be occurring before a first preseason game if you ask some on the team.

Said Rex Ryan: "I’d rather play a game, this seems like really long."

With the special teams set to take the field a little after 4 p.m. there wasn't much for Ryan to speak about in his daily press conference. The presser went a good six minutes shorter than it normally does.

Even practice was less eventful than normal, as the highlight in a practice headlined by the Jets goal line work was LaDainian Tomlinson jumping over a pile for a touchdown.

Other than that, Nick Folk was lights out... again. Nick Mangold returned to practice for the first time in two days due to an injury to his temple. And Brandon Moore was slightly shaken up.

At this point it's more of the same. The Jets are in that monotonous groove, long removed from the questions during the first day of training camp. And its reflected in where the situation with their kicker is.

On Day one, two kickers were brought in to compete with Folk.

On Day 12, Folk is solo, waiting for that first game.

Said Ryan: "We brought in other kickers but they, you know -- you guys saw it that first day."



The Jets plan for the Giants is... no plan for the Giants.

Rex Ryan said this morning that Monday night's game will consist of zero scouting, game planning and scheming on the part of the Jets. Like most preseason games under Ryan, he sees the game as an evaluation period.

Even if it is the first game in the new Meadowlands. And with the Jets hosting, Ryan is going into the Jet housewarming cold turkey and with less enthusiasm than he did last year when facing the Ravens.

So, it appears the opening of a new place doesn't excite the Jet coach, whereas a homecoming of sorts is much more important. In the preseason.

Who can blame him? As Ryan said this morning, he spent ten years in Baltimore. He didn't even spend ten minutes with the Giants.

"We will just line up and play," Ryan said. "I spent ten years (in Baltimore). I didn’t spend ten years with the Giants, didn’t spend ten minutes with the Giants.

"I’d rather win, sure," added Ryan. "But you are there to really evaluate your players and make sure you are keeping the right guys."



Signs point to the Jets bringing on two fullbacks full time for the upcoming season.

At his presser today, Ryan hinted that the Jets will take both longtime veteran Tony Richardson, and John conner at the fullback position as both have impressed big Rex thus far in camp.

Richardson is in his 16th season in the NFL. Conner is a rookie who was drafted in the fifth round this year.

"I think (Richardson) can defninitely do it another season," Ryan said. "The fact that he is a fullback in this league, amazing. Speaks volumes about the way he takes care of himself. All of the pounding that a fullback takes, its amazing that a guy can play that long.

Added Ryan: "T-Rich is a good football player. John conner one day is going to be a big time fullback in this league.

When asked about whether or not the Jets would keep two fullbacks, Ryan gave his standard cookie-cutter answer whenever asked about the numbers with regards to a certain position.

As always, he doesn't look at numbers. Even if it is for a position which number amounts to just one more often than not.

Said Ryan: "I’m more looking at it as if, keep the good football players, if John Conner is the best player for our football team he will be in."


Nick Mangold returned to practice Friday after missing two days with an injury he suffered to the head in the middle of this week. Mangold suffered the injury when, as Ryan said, he took a hit to the temple.

Mangold said his head feels fine and that he could tell it was fully recovered due to the fact that he hasn't taken any sort of pain reliever.

Mangold said, now that there is no pain, he knows he doesn't have to worry.

He knows 100 percent where his head is really at.

Said Mangold: "No Drugs, make sure you know exactly how it feels."


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