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Schilens contrite after Cro blow

Chaz Schilens taking the day off from practice

Chaz Schilens taking the day off from practice because of injuries during training camp. (Aug. 1, 2012) Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

Chaz Schilens learned the hard way this week that he is not in Oakland anymore.

The current Jets (and former Raiders) receiver angered coach Rex Ryan by getting into a public spat with cornerback Antonio Cromartie - a back-and-forth that landed on the back pages of two New York tabloids.

A chastenend Schilens said Thursday that he had learned his lesson after firing back at Cromartie, a cornerback expected to have a limited role on offense who labeled himself the second-best receiver on the team in an interview with ESPN Tuesday.

"I was probably a little agitated," he said. "I probably said some stuff I shouldn’t have. Everything is taken care of, no problems with Cro. I’ll do what’s best for the team and go from there."

Schilens said he and Ryan "talked for a quick second and worked some things out and I understand what I could have done differently . . . I think it was a teachable moment. I understand what I could have done better."

Schilens said he and Cromartie also discussed the incident.

"I think maybe I didn’t quite understand what was said and something was lost in the communication," he said. "I’s a good day, though. Antonio Cromartie is a hell of an athlete and he could play receiver if he wanted to."

Cromartie declined to speak to reporters for a second consecutive day.

The Jets could use Cromartie at receiver given a spate of minor injuries that has struck that position. Schilens sat out Thursday with a groin injury.

"We just have to get back healthy and start to make plays," he said. "I think I’m good. I think I’m a day or two away from getting out there. Hopefully I can participate in the scrimmage [Saturday] and make some plays out there."

Schilens admitted the way a story can blow up in the New York media spotlight surprised him.

"Maybe a little bit, yeah.," he said. "I’m not quite used to this, but yeah, maybe I was. I will think twice . . . I’ve never really seen anything like this. It was a little bit different in Oakland, to say the least. To say the least.

"I understand. I’ll do what’s best for the team and right now it’s all about a positive image for the team and how we can present ourselves to you guys hopefully for the entire season."

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