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Cold doesn't faze Jets kicker Feely

Jay Feely has experienced both hot and cold streaks during his career - literally so.

The Jets' placekicker attended high school in Tampa, then college at Michigan.

As a pro he played in a dome in Atlanta, in the winds of Giants Stadium as a Giant, then in Miami for the Dolphins, then back to the Meadowlands as a Jet. So nothing the Cincinnati weather brings Saturday will surprise or intimidate him.

Feely, a nine-year veteran, said knowing the cold "definitely helps, because you don't get too worked up.''

He added, "You have to account for the conditions without allowing it to impact you mentally. If you've done it before and have been out in it a lot, which I have, that allows you to go out and do your job.''

Feely said the only special step he takes is to kick more on the sideline than on a warm day. "But with the heated benches, we're warmer than the people in the stands,'' he said. "You can stay pretty loose. It's not too bad.''

The cold does affect how far the ball travels, which must be taken into account before attempting a long field goal. But wind is by far a bigger factor.

"Without question,'' Feely said. "The wind was humming against Cincinnati [Sunday]. One way you could kick one 60 yards, the other way maybe 40.''

As much as Feely insists he can handle cold and wind, that doesn't mean he likes it. He has not visited New Meadowlands Stadium, but if someone had consulted him on the design . . .

"I wish it had a roof,'' he said.

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