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David Nelson hopes Jets put in plays for Michael Vick

Jets receiver David Nelson talks to media at

Jets receiver David Nelson talks to media at the Jets' second day of minicamp held at their training facility in Florham, New Jersey on June 18, 2014. Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

After watching Michael Vick rush for 19 yards on three carries and lead the Jets to a touchdown during his first drive in relief of Geno Smith, Jets receiver David Nelson can foresee a situation in which the coaches put in a package of plays specifically designed for Vick -- even if it turns out that Smith is the starter heading into the season.

"He's a proven game-breaker. He's one of those guys, he comes out and makes play after play after play," Nelson said of Vick. "You have to always be on your toes. You have to be ready because he's that guy who's going to pull it and run it quickly. It's going to provide some big plays for us."

Nelson said Vick's performance "may have opened up the door for the coaches to see some things and figure out what we can do moving forward. The [coaches] want to see how he fits, how he plugs in. Is this something that's going to work, where we can explore a little bit to where we have Geno play 40, 50 snaps and maybe bring in Vick for 10?

"[Vick] adds a whole different component," Nelson said. "It's a whole different dimension to the defense where they have to prepare for that. Now [Vick's] in the game, so now we have to change a lot of the schemes, so the defense not only has to scheme for Geno but scheme for Vick."

Sound familiar, Jets fans? Coach Rex Ryan and former offensive coordinator Tony Sparano wanted to have Tim Tebow come in to run the Wildcat offense to complement starter Mark Sanchez, but that experiment proved to be a flop in 2012, Tebow's only season with the Jets.

One guy who isn't completely on board with changing quarterbacks during a game, even if it's for only a few plays: Vick himself. Then again, he didn't entirely dismiss the idea.

"That disrupts the timing of the offense," Vick said when asked if he'd be in favor of running a package of plays in a given game. "I think it has to be done at the right time. My experience in Philadelphia with Donovan [McNabb] at times [in 2009], you just want to go out there and let the quarterback get into a rhythm and not try to do too much. I think is doing too much. When the time calls for it, I think the coaches will see fit that that's what we should do."

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