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Dolphins coach Tony Sparano not happy about alleged trip

As if the Jets needed any more problems.

Suffering a 10-3 home loss the AFC East-rival Dolphins may have dashed all hopes the Jets (9-3) had of winning the division. Even a playoff appearance isn't a certainty at this point.

But the Jets may find themselves in trouble with the NFL.

Dolphins rookie cornerback Nolan Carroll was allegedly tripped by Jets strength coach Sal Alosi on the Jets sidline while attempting to cover a punt with about 3:15 left in the third quarter.

Carroll was injured on the play, but later returned to the game. That wasn't any consolation to Sparano.

"I have to watch it, but I know my guys were screaming up there at the time, that [the trip] was exactly what happened," Sparano said. "Nolan was down on the ground and it showed that somebody from that sideline stuck a foot out or something to that effect."

The referees didn't see the alleged action, according to Sparano.

"I told [the referee] at that point that it was on tape and that the people upstairs were telling me that’s what they see," the coach said.

Dolphins players weren't happy with the alleged action either.

"That was bad. Unfortunately, he had to do that and he could have easily hurt Nolan," Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford said. "He could have ended his career like that. I think maybe somebody needs to do something about that as far as the league goes...We get fined for stuff. Why can't the coaches?"

The Jets released a statement after the game which read in part: "The team is reviewing the situation and is looking into taking the appropriate next step."

Sparano didn't want to delve to deeply into it, but he was clearly unhappy and said the team will take action.

"I don’t know what was going on over there, I really don’t," Sparano said. "I’m not going let that bother me with this win right now. We had a player down on the sideline and what I was hearing upstairs some of that had to do with maybe something that happened over there. And that bothered me. But we'll see."



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