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Even Tim Tebow isn't sure what to expect from Wildcat

Tim Tebow yells after running for a first

Tim Tebow yells after running for a first down in the preseason. (Aug. 26, 2012) Photo Credit: David Pokress

Even Tim Tebow isn't exactly sure when the Wildcat will be unleashed Sunday.

When it comes to their top-secret game plan, the Jets apparently have been just as stealthy around their backup quarterback as they've been with the media.

But for all their ambiguity this offseason, one thing is certain: Rex Ryan is dying to unveil the Wildcat for all the NFL to see. And Buffalo, the Jets' Week 1 opponent, has the unenviable task of adjusting on the fly to whatever the "Tebow package" entails.

There's no telling how -- or how often -- Tebow will be used in either the passing or running game, on fake punts or in the red zone. To Ryan, the element of surprise is half the fun.

"I genuinely don't know," Tebow said Friday of his anticipated playing time. "There's stuff that's scheduled. But how often does a game go as scheduled?"

When Tebow talks about his involvement in the Wildcat, he sounds like an actor on a TV drama who's allowed to receive a script only for this week's show. Yes, he knows he'll be running the Wildcat against the Bills, but everything after that is anyone's guess.

"I think it will be a coach Ryan, coach Sparano feel thing," Tebow said this past week when asked how much the Jets will rely on the Wildcat in Week 1. " . . . If it's one play, five plays, whatever it is, who knows."

Fans inevitably will be entertained as they cheer on (or cringe at) every one of his reps Sunday. And if Mike Tannenbaum's recent comments about Mark Sanchez's playing time are any indication, Jets fans will get to see a significant amount of their backup quarterback this season.

The Jets' general manager said on ESPN radio Friday that Sanchez will play "80, 90 percent" of the time -- meaning Tebow could end up getting more than 200 of the team's total plays this season (there were 1,030 in 2011).

"The beauty of it is, you don't know," Ryan said of the Sanchez-Tebow split. "And the opponent doesn't know. And that's kind of the way I like it."

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