Good Morning
Good Morning

First half: L.T. looks terrific, Sanchez slumps and defense is diligent

Coming in to the game the question about the Jets was: How will the offense react to last week's anemic output.

At 6-5 Redskins after one half of play, things pretty much look the same. The biggest difference has been LaDainian Tomlinson, who has run amuck so far. He's shredded 85 yards of turf on eight carries, with is longest coming off a 43-yard burst in the first quarter.

Other than Tomlinson, it's been nothing bud short runs and erratic passing attempts. Sanchez is 6-for-12 tonight. He has one more completion and 52 more yards than he did last week, but he has not been on the same page with his receivers. He threw a shallow interception intended for Keller on a turn-around route in the second half, the worst of a a handful of no-chance passes. The ugliest smudge is his 34.7 passer rating.

The defense remains the hallmark of Gang Green, with Rex going bananas after a forced safety in the second. The Redskins have only managed 22 rushing yards and had one failed attempt in the red zone. 

Skins up 6-5 with the Jets still stalled on the runway in this one. Starters on offense have one more quarter to show they can take off.

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