There are only a handful of players who wear championship rings from the Jets, and they’ve been keeping a very close eye on the current crop of title contenders.

“You always hope the teams you played for does good,” said Hall of Fame receiver Don Maynard, one of three Jets players whose number has been retired. “You pull for the team you played for.”

Bill Mathis, a running back on the 1968 team that beat the Colts in Super Bowl III 41 years ago this month, said he likes what he’s seen from watching this year’s Jets.

“They have some talent,” he said. “That cornerback (Darrelle Revis) is the best cover guy I’ve ever seen. He’s really good. The running backs are running hard. It looks good.”

Maynard said one of the players he’s enjoyed watching this season is Mark Sanchez.

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“He ought to be a good one,” Maynard said. “He’s done real good so far.”

Maynard did have some advice for the rookie quarterback, though.

“Maybe occasionally when there’s three guys or four guys in one area, don’t throw the ball that way,” he said. “Throw it the other way. You have to go to where the defenders aren’t.”

“He’s a rookie so there are a lot of things he’s not quite aware of,” Maynard added. “The coaches and the other players, you have to do what you can to not put him in trouble. If they keep him out of trouble, he’s already shown the ability he has.”