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Jets' Adam Gase raves about Frank Gore's work ethic and leadership

New York Jets cornerback Brian Poole  stops

New York Jets cornerback Brian Poole  stops Buffalo Bills running back Frank Gore for a safety on Sept. 8, 2019. Credit: Lee S. Weissman

Adam Gase believes Le’Veon Bell and Frank Gore will give NFL defenses fits.

The Jets signed Gore, 36, to a one-year deal last week. The future Hall of Fame running back is considered a great leader and locker-room presence, but Gase thinks he is much more than that.

“He’s a great guy for Le’Veon to be around,” Gase said, according to the Jets’ website. “Those two guys can really do some damage together. We have two guys that can play all three downs. They both have outstanding skill sets. There’s a little bit of difference in their running style and how they do things, but we know Frank really well and we know how to use them.”

Gase has coached Gore twice — as a 49ers offensive assistant in 2008 and as the Dolphins’ head coach in 2018. Gore is third in NFL history in rushing yards (15,347) and has shown he still can be a productive back. In a three-game stretch last year when Bills rookie back Devin Singletary was limited or out, Gore ran for 253 yards and two touchdowns. He rushed for 109 yards against the Patriots.

The Jets didn’t have a back rush for 100 yards in a game last year. Bell’s single-game high was 87.

“When I was with him in 2008, he was young,” Gase said. “He only knows one speed: He was full-tilt all the time. Then getting back with him 10 years later, guys watched him practice and were shocked at his work ethic, thinking, ‘Man, this guy has been doing it a long time. He’s had a lot of carries, he has a lot of miles on him. This guy goes in practice like it’s “Monday Night Football.” ’ That’s how Frank has always operated.

“He’s never taken anything for granted. I think the biggest mistake most people make is they doubt him and they tell him something that he can’t do, whether it was injury, age or whatever the circumstance may be. He’s proven people wrong time and time again.”

The Jets drafted Florida’s La’Mical Perine in the fourth round. They like his dual-threat ability, and now he has a mentor who can help guide him.

“Frank brings something that is really hard to teach,” Gase said. “He’s a natural leader. He’s the kind of guy that guys respect around the NFL. He’s done a great job as far as helping younger players that are in the room. I think he’s a good teammate, especially the last three or four years in that backup role and the supporting role of whoever that starter is.”

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