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Geno Smith dissects his poor play vs. Titans

Geno Smith was relieved to hear his head coach hasn’t given up on him. But the rookie nevertheless knows something has to change.

“It was great to hear that from Rex,” said the rookie quarterback. “Judging by the way I’ve played over the past four games, there have been ups and downs and that’s understandable. But I think we have a chance to be a really good team.

“A lot falls on my shoulders as far as taking care of the ball, but it’s something I have to do and I know that. I’ve been coached hard. No one wants to make those mistakes, and it’s something that it has to stop now in order for us to get better as an offense and progress as a team.”

Monday was a sobering day for Smith, who, like the rest of his teammates, had to re-live Sunday’s game through film study. Asked about his two interceptions, the rookie said: “Both of them were tight windows, tight throws. All I can say from that is maybe have better ball placement if I’m going to make those throws, otherwise don’t even try it. Don’t even attempt it. Take a safe play, maybe check it down or go somewhere else with the ball, but not turn it over.”

So why did he force the issue against the Titans after saying last week that he would try to avoid those mistakes?

“Just continue to emphasize it,” Smith said. “We didn’t accomplish one of our goals, but in this league the windows are going to be tight. That’s natural. So like I said, it’s about ball placement. It’s about me putting the ball in a spot where only my guy can get it and on those two throws I didn’t do it. It’s just something I have to get better at mechanically, physically and mentally.” 

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