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Geno Smith isn't upset by Willie Colon's 'Porsche' comment

Quarterback Geno Smith of the New York Jets

Quarterback Geno Smith of the New York Jets looks on prior to a game against the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium on Dec. 21, 2014 in East Rutherford, N.J. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jeff Zelevansky

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Geno Smith wasn't pleased with the headlines Willie Colon's comments generated, but the Jets quarterback couldn't argue about the message behind it.

"I think we all have to pull together, we all have to do our job and that's the key thing," Smith said Wednesday, in reference to Colon's "Porsche" comments made a week ago.

"I think what he said is that we need to be on top of our game, I need to be on top of my game and I believe that that's true. I think what he said in that regard wasn't wrong."

During a SiriusXM NFL Radio interview on June 2, Colon defended Smith against his critics, but he also stressed the third-year signal-caller needs to take a big leap in 2015.

"We bought the Porsche, we've given him the keys -- he can't crash it," Colon said.

Smith addressed Colon's comments for the first time on Wednesday.

"I had no response," the quarterback said, adding that he wasn't bothered by the remarks. "I talk to Willie a lot, and we talk a lot about team camaraderie and what we can do to help out this locker room by not saying things in the media. Willie is a veteran player, so he understands this and, mostly, I thought what he said was the right thing to say just not in that [forum] . . .

"Knowing Willie and knowing the way that he talks, I know what he meant . . . I don't think he meant anything harmful, I don't think he meant to say anything negative. It was written how it was written and that's how it is. Willie and I talk and we talked that night, so everything is good."

In an interview with Newsday Tuesday, Colon said he was annoyed by the backlash he received for his comments.

"In my head, I felt like I was defending Geno," the Bronx-born former Hofstra player said. "People have to let him grow as a quarterback and people turned that into, 'Oh, you're throwing rocks at Geno.'

"I never said he couldn't throw the ball, I never said he didn't have the intangibles, I didn't say anything like that. I said the backlash he's gotten isn't fair because he has to mature. And I think I've said that since Day One. So when the whole 'Porsche' comment got twisted around, I was like, 'Really?' I was thrown off by it."

Though Smith didn't seem to share Colon's view of the Jets' offense being a souped-up "Porsche," the quarterback believes the unit has a solid foundation.

"We're still building this team," Smith said. "We're early in the stages and I believe in every single one of these guys, players and coaches, so I think we have a shot. But like I said, it's still early, we've got a lot of work to do, so we have to continue to work hard and just stay focused on what we need to focus on."


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