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Gholston on NY media scrutiny: 'You can't get much worse than that'

Vernon Gholston never lived up to the potential of a first-round pick, failing to even record one measly sack in his three seasons in New York.

The Ohio State product consistently drew the wrath of fans and didn't show much of a fight when his talent was questioned, preferring to keep his laid-back approach and saying he'll soon prove it on the field. He never did, though, and was bounced out of town in February when the Jets released him.

But the sixth overall pick in the 2008 draft has resurfaced, getting another shot with the Bears in Chicago. And let's just say he's praying the scrutiny he'll face in the Windy City won't be on the same parallel of what he experienced with the Jets.

"I hope it's not worse than in New York,'' Gholston told reporters at Bears training camp today. "You can't get much worse than that. New York's a big city, though. Chicago's a big city, too. I'm sure you guys have your same ways.''

Gholston played defensive end last season, switching to the position he played in college after struggling for two seasons trying to play linebacker. Of course, that did little to spark him to an effective season, but he seemed to blame some of his lack of productivity at what he thought was constant change.

"As you go through your career, you look for consistency, and that's what hasn't been there for me," Gholston said. "One year one coach, another year, another coach,'' Gholston said. "I had about three [position] coaches."

"To become a good player, you need to find something you can hang your hat on, something you can put your foot in the ground and say, 'This is what I do well.' That's what I haven't found yet.''

He also hasn't found something else: a way to shed that dreaded "bust" label that's going to stay attached to his name until he actually does something worthwhile and consistently makes plays.

"It's one of those things where people tend to go by what they know and what they see," Gholston said. "With not being on the field much, not playing much, (being a bust) is the natural assumption about me. That's why I'm here, to try and change things around.''

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