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Giants catch wind of Tebow's frustration

Visibly angry, Tim Tebow jumped to his feet.

His words were inaudible from the press box. But his intended audience was clear.

He had tried to hold his ground after Giants safety Will Hill flew into the backfield untouched and wrapped his arms around his thighs. But Tebow eventually succumbed to the sack – the second of four allowed by the Jets' second and third-team offensive lines.

Still fuming after he got to his feet, Tebow angrily barked as he walked toward his linemen. And when the game was over, the second-string quarterback was asked about his display of emotions.

But Tebow said he couldn’t remember the exact play.

“I'm not sure what play exactly. I was probably just frustrated,” he said, without any hint of irritation in his voice. “We want to get on the same communication and have it run smooth, everyone being on the same page.”

Giants defensive tackle Carlton Powell said Tebow’s frustration was palpable on the field – so much so, that he couldn’t resist the urge to bust Tebow’s chops.

“The frustration was written all over him,” Powell reportedly told the Newark Star-Ledger. “He was already upset so it didn’t take that much.”

The defensive lineman wouldn’t reveal his comment to Tebow though. Instead, he gave the disclaimer: “It’s not very appropriate.”

While Jets rookie Robert Griffin was tangled up with defensive lineman Craig Marshall, Hill came in untouched on a blitz and delivered a hard hit on Tebow. (It took about five seconds for Tebow to go down, however.)

Three plays later, the Jets backup quarterback was sacked again.

But the Jets starting offensive line fared no better against the Giants’ dominant D-line. They allowed Mark Sanchez to be sacked four times – but one of them was negated by a Giants’ false start penalty.

The Jets have now given up a total of 12 preseason sacks.

They also have gone 111 plays this preseason without scoring a touchdown. But neither Sanchez nor Tebow expressed concern about the Jets’ inability to make it in the end zone.

“No, I don’t think you can get frustrated,” said Tebow, who was 5-for-14 for 69 yards and rushed for five yards on two carries. “We haven’t even played a real game. When the regular season gets here then that’s when it’s for real. We’ve got to continue to show improvement and get better every day. There’s no reason to get frustrated, we just have to go and get better.” 

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