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GM John Idzik on Michael Vick: Having 'inside knowledge' is 'tremendous'

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick throws a pass

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick throws a pass before a game against the Giants at Lincoln Financial Field. (Oct. 27, 2013) Credit: Getty

John Idzik never confirmed Michael Vick’s visit to Florham Park on Friday, but the Jets general manager didn’t deny it either.

Instead, Idzik highlighted Marty Mornhinweg’s extensive history with Vick during their time together in Philly.

“To answer your question in generalities – as you probably would predict,” Idzik said on a conference call Thursday afternoon, when asked specifically about Vick's reported visit. “Whenever you have inside knowledge on a player, with a coach who has worked with them, a player who has played with them, there’s some member of your staff that has been around that player for a while – that is a tremendous advantage. There is less projection. Especially if you’re dealing with a position that entails a lot.”

Idzik never mentioned Mornhinweg by name, but he repeatedly stressed the importance of having an inside track when it comes to acquiring players. Mornhinweg served as the Eagles’ offensive coordinator and assistant head coach from 2006-12. Vick -- who turns 34 in June -- signed a one-year deal with the Eagles in 2009 following his release from prison on dog-fighting charges.

And after five seasons in Philly, the QB could very well find a new home with the Jets. And it’s clear Idzik will lean heavily on Mornhinweg’s relationship Vick before making a decision on whether or not to sign the veteran.

“Of course, the quarterback position, there’s intangibles that come into play,” added Idzik. “There’s leadership, how he manages a locker room, how he manages media, how he manages the team. There’s a lot that goes with that. So any time that you have somebody that has witnessed how that player has handled themselves in various situations, we’re definitely going to lean on that. And I think that just enables you to make a wiser decision.”

Vick is expected to meet with the team tomorrow, and possibly into Saturday. It reportedly will be his first free-agency visit. If signed, Vick likely will compete with Geno Smith for the starting job and serve as a mentor of sorts for the young QB. 

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