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Guys Night...

According to linebacker Calvin Pace, the Jets’ turnaround can be traced back to Thanksgiving. Back when he and fellow linebacker Bart started advocating a little team unity.

Their glowing start to the season has been well documented by now; their meteoric rise that began with a 24-7 win at Houston and crashed and burned en route to a 4-6 record.

That, said Pace, was the impetus for change.

“We had a great start, lost some games we should’ve won. I got the feeling we were letting people down," he said. "So I said guys had to come together, become closer friends, start hanging out a little bit more. Talking about how we can get this ship turned around, and it worked."

Five weeks ago, Pace and Scott encouraged players to gather at their respective home’s on Monday nights to watch Monday Night Football and to talk about any and everything, from football to their personal lives.

“It really did bring guys closer together,” said Pace. “…We became better friends.”

And in case you were wondering who throws the best parties…the competition’s not even close.

“Bart’s definitely got the best set up,” said Pace “It’s like being in Michael’s Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. It was always cool at Bart’s house. He always had the wings, the pizza, sit around watching TV on his projector screen. It was always a good time.”

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