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Hofstra Pride

LaDainian Tomlinson busts through the line to score

LaDainian Tomlinson busts through the line to score a TD in practice at Hofstra. (Aug. 25, 2010) Photo Credit: David Pokress

Young Stevie here pinch-hitting for (read: temporarily hijacking the blog from) Hot Rod. I come bearing random tidbits from today's Jets practice in Long Island.
There were even more television cameras and digital recorders than have orbited the Jets in 2010 this evening at Hofstra as the team returned to its old home for the annual tribute-to-the-fans Shuart Stadium practice.
We’ll start with a (somewhat mundane) leftover quote from Rex Ryan's mini-press conference on what it’s like for the team to be back in Long Island: “It’s great to come here to Hofstra, really the roots of the fan base of the New York Jets for years and years. It’s always great to come here.”

A few notes
- Darrelle Revis was not spotted at the practice. Repeat, NOT spotted. As you’ve probably heard, there were rumors abound throughout the day about a potential Revis signing. That has yet to be confirmed and No. 24 was not around. Certainly not in view of the reporters. Had he been, he’d have been swarmed by us scribes and the Twitter world would’ve quickly digested that morsel.
- Bart Scott and Damien Woody aren’t proponents of the proposed shift to an 18-game schedule. (Yes, their opinions were sought. We know who the best talkers are.)
“If I told you, ‘Hey, you’ve got to work two more weeks and I’m not going to pay you any more money, what would you do?” Scott asked reporters rhetorically. “We go out there and put our body on the line.”

He also doesn’t dig the idea of a reduced preseason. If the plan for an expansion of the regular season goes through, there would likely be only two exhibition games.
“We’re watching USA versus Lithuania [basketball] and I don’t think anybody is excited about what they’re seeing, but it’s a necessary process,” Scott said. “How are you gonna evaluate talent? That means the starters have to play the first game and pretty much the second game. How are you gonna evaluate young talent and the people trying to make the team? You already know what you’re going to get from the veterans. This is about the young guys getting an opportunity to display their talent to not only the team they’re playing for, but for the team they hope to play for if they get cut. When you have guys that are inexperienced players and they’re basically rookies and haven’t been a pro yet, you’re not going to get a crisp product. So what do you do?”
Woody reiterated Scott’s point, asking reporters, “Will you guys get paid more for the extra two times you’ll have to come out and see us?”
- Some of the loudest cheers heard during the practice came when the session was interrupted by a fan who rushed the field. Him running on didn’t get much more than some “oohs and ohhhs,” but crowd and the Jets loved it when that guy was jacked up by two security guards. The first to get to him was Jay Artinian (make that a household name), who demonstrated a wrap-up, drive and takedown that would’ve made Bryan Cox proud. The unruly fan took a swing when Artinian approached him, then the guard went low and the fella went airborne. For the wrestling fans out there, it looked like the spine buster move The Rock used to feature. No People’s Elbow followed, just three more security guards running out to subdue and handcuff the guy.
The players got a good view of the action.
“That made the practice right there,” Jason Taylor said. “It was a pretty dry, boring practice until that happened. It spiced things up.”
Even Jerricho Cotchery, a devout Christian who’s normally reserved, couldn’t help but giggle. “Coach needs to check [Artinian] out. That was a nice take-down. Maybe he could make the team.”


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