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Holmes: Me, Rex and Schotty have no issues

If you let Santonio Holmes tell it, everything between himself, Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is hunky dory.

Holmes came under much scrutiny after getting flagged for an excessive celebration penalty following a 25-yard touchdown catch against the Eagles on Sunday. The Jets were trailing 28-3 at the time.

Schottenheimer appeared to be visibly upset after the flag. But Holmes told reporters that there was no heated exchange. “Did you see him yell at me?” Holmes asked. “Did you see him say anything to me on the sideline?”

As for his overall performance, which included two touchdown catches, a fumble and a dropped pass that resulted in an interception, Holmes expects his coaches to get upset when he doesn’t get the job done.

Said Holmes: “Why wouldn’t he be? If a guy drops a ball and gets an interception, why wouldn’t the offensive coordinator be upset that his star guy didn’t catch a pass?”

As far as Holmes is concerned, though, there are no issues or problems between him and Schottenheimer.

“Our relationship is great,” Holmes said about Schottenheimer. “I can’t complain about anything with our relationship, but our relationship is offensive coordinator-wide receiver.”

Holmes, who apologized to Ryan, reiterated to reporters that his relationship with the coach is fine.

“He and I don’t have any issues to converse about anything negative,” said Holmes. “When things are going right, they’re right and when they’re wrong, they’re wrong. We have each other’s back.”

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