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Hulk: I'm a huge Jets fan

Hulk Hogan doesn't just bleed yellow and red, the colors he continually sported during his Hulkamania days in the WWF.

The iconic wrestler has an affinity for another color: green.

"i’ve always been a Jets fan since the Joe Namath days," Hogan told me. "I’ve been a huge Jets fan, but I've got other teams. I love the Steelers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I live down here in Florida, and I was hoping they'd quit playing games. But after 25 years of disappointment, I’m over them.

"But I’ve always been a Jets fan. Are you kidding?"

So now that he has a new buddy in Bart Scott, I asked Hogan if he plans on attending a game at New Meadowlands Stadium next season to see Scott and the Jets in action. (We're assuming there will be a season, of course). The excitement rose in Hogan's voice as if he was reliving his monumental body slam of Andre the Giant in Wrestlemania III.

"You know what? I would love to go to a Jets game because I was there a couple of years ago when my daughter sang the national anthem for the Jets," he said. "I had a blast back then and I’d love to go to one now that I’ve got a hook up, know what I’m saying?"

Of course, Hogan is no stranger to the area after the countless shows he's done at Madison Square Garden as well as out here on Long Island. In fact, the Hulkster said there's just something about doing it up at Nassau Coliseum.

"The wrestling fans there in Nassau are loyal," Hogan said. "If I get in trouble in the ring, they'll come in the ring to help me. I tell ya, those fans are crazy."

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