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Idzik: 'I am not a liar'

John Idzik insists he did not mislead Darrelle Revis.

In the wake of the Revis trade to Tampa Bay, the star cornerback called out the Jets for keeping him in the dark in the months and weeks before he ultimately was dealt to the Bucs. But Idzik maintains that he did not lie to Revis, who ultimately got the $16 million-a-year figure he was seeking from the Bucs.

“Absolutely not,” the Jets general manager said Tuesday on the Mike Lupica Show. “I’ve been called a lot of names in my career, will be in the future. Dishonest is not one of them. Anyone that’s worked with me directly, anyone that knows me, knows that that’s at the top of my list – honesty and integrity will always be a calling of the Jets. It’s always been big part of who I am and that will never change. And it certainly didn’t change in my communication with Darrelle.”

Revis saw it much differently

“You just want the truth out of the situation," he said, following his introductory press conference at One Buccaneer Place. “You don't want to be dangling information or giving you false information. Just tell the truth. I feel like I haven't gotten the truth. Anybody who tells you to your face 'You're going to be a Jet,' but what's the truth out of it?

“…I want to know what's going on in my career, whether you're going to trade me or not. But whatever you're doing, just let me know.”

Rex Ryan unwittingly helped drive up Revis’ asking price when he repeatedly called the cornerback the best defensive player in the game. Though the Jets coach was speaking from his heart, he ultimately hurt the organization’s leverage.

“I was just saying what I felt was the obvious: that this young man was the best corner in football,” Ryan said, when asked during a separate ESPN radio interview if he regretted building up Revis’ value. “Was it used against us? You have to ask somebody else. But we all – me, the organization – wanted Darrelle to be here for the long-term.”

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