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Is Schotty preoccupied with trying to make WRs happy? "Could be," says Edwards

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards (17)

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards (17) celebrates a touchdown reception with quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) during the first half of an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010, in Denver. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney) Photo Credit: AP Photo/Joe Mahoney

A composed and reflective Braylon Edwards finally addressed the media Monday, after fleeing the Jets locker following their embarrassing 9-0 loss to Green Bay.

The Jets wide receiver, who had made just one catch on four passes, said he needed a moment to clear his head before he could address the offense's shortcomings.

“Sometimes you get into a situation where you’re intense, you’re emotional, you don’t want to answer a question the wrong way or go off and do something that you wouldn’t do if you were calm, cool and collected,” said Edwards, who hurriedly packed a bag in the locker room after the game and walked away from reporters.

“So I took yesterday, said, ‘Hey, let me relax, calm down, be with the family,’ and today be able to talk to you guys because I’m basically answering the same questions today that I would’ve answered yesterday.”

Edwards admitted he was wide open a few times on Sunday but quarterback Mark Sanchez didn’t see him. But he insisted that wasn’t Sanchez’s fault.

“There were a couple times where guys were open, but Mark has to read it. And what I mean by that is, he has a job,” Edwards said. “He has a job going to between Dustin, myself, Jerricho, Santonio. He has reads. So it’s not easy on him. So every once in a while that’s going to happen. And we just bear with him.”

The wideout also said it’s possible the issues on offense could stem from coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s desire to make all of the Jets receivers happy.

“That could be,” said Edwards. “I don’t know if that’s the case. I’m not speaking for Schotty and I’m not speaking against Schotty. That definitely could be the case. Maybe he’s sitting back trying to make sure the ball’s being distributed equally – make sure Dustin has three, make sure Jerricho, myself, Brad Smith has his Wildcat packages. And maybe that’s the case. If so, that’s a tough job on the coordinator.”

Cotchery was targeted 13 times by Sanchez. Edwards, Keller and Santonio were targeted 16 times combined. Head coach Rex Ryan said those lopsided numbers invariably will change from game-to-game and it's up to his receivers to be on their A-game when the ball does come their way.

“There’s going to be games like that but it’s going to be flipped the next week," he said. "And you just got to understand, you just got to keep working and it’ll come to you. With Mark, I’ve used this before about being the point guard: hit the open guy. Don’t worry about forcing it to this guy or that guy. Human nature is you want everybody to be happy. Here’s some to Dustin, here’s some for Jerricho, here’s some to whoever. But we’ve got to throw it to the open guy. Let the coaches handle the play-calling, you run your route, and you sell out for your teammates and all that, good things will happen for this football team. And I believe that.”

Edwards said there were many reasons for the Jets’ anemic offense Sunday.

“We dropped some passes that could’ve been huge plays for us, we had some penalties that slowed our drives, we had some miscommunication, some mis-throws – there was a lot going on there, communication-wise,” the receiver said. “And also, I think we have so much talent and so much availability for different guys to succeed. I think right now, it’s about us trying to harness that and being able to move forward, being able to utilize that on a consistent basis. Right now, it’s so many weapons, it’s trying to get all these weapons the ball. And maybe that’s tough. Maybe that’s hard. I’m not the guy that has to worry about that. I’m just the guy where you tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”


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