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It's getting Drafty in here

The time is nearly upon us.

We began our Jets draft coverage in yesterday's paper on here online with a little something on GM Mike Tannenbaum, detailing how he loves making trades. He's surely been busy this offseason, refusing to be hampered by the Final Four/Final Eight restrictions the Jets faced thanks to the CBA.

I also authored a story in today's paper and online on the likelihood the Jets will add a CB this week, given the questions surrounding their secondary. Save for Pro Bowler Darrelle Revis, new acquisition Antonio Cromartie and starting S Jim Leonhard, the Jets don't have much to offer in their defensive backfield.

Sure, reserve DB Eric Smith is solid and he showed he can play when he stepped in for Kerry Rhodes after Rhodes got demoted from the starting lineup at the end of November. But it's hard to feel like Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman can get the job done. Remember, they waived Donald Strickland because he was injury-prone and couldn't seem to stay on the field.

Free agent pickup Brodney Pool also has some serious injury concerns. He's suffered at least four concussions in five seasons, and don't be surprised if the Jets add another safety at some point, even if it's not in this week's draft.

So, exactly what are the Jets' draft plans, you ask? Anyone have a number for Miss Cleo's cellie?

Honestly, it's hard to gauge what the Jets will do. Even if they sit at No. 29, there's no telling who'll be off the board by then and what direction Tannenbaum will go in. About the only thing I can say for certain is the Jets will go heavy on defense this year after selecting three offensive players -- QB Mark Sanchez, RB Shonn Greene and OL Matt Slauson -- this time last year.

“We can't get Mike Pettine out of the draft room,” Tannenbaum said with a laugh, referring to the Jets defensive coordinator. “I would expect the first Rex Ryan defensive player to be drafted this year.”

Time to buckle down for what should be a long week. We'll be here to detail what transpires. Should be interesting as always when you have Tannenbaum involved.

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