D'Brickashaw Ferguson smiled as he thought about what it's been like to have Jason Taylor around the past few days.

The Jets left tackle and Freeport native just had to get a quick zinger in.

"We had him break it down in the weight room today and we thought he was going to say 'Dolphins!' " Ferguson cracked when I asked him about Taylor. "You have a chance to play with so many different individuals in this league. The way the league works, you are probably going to see a lot of changes. It is good when you can play against a guy you have a lot of respect for and now he is a part of your plans."

Taylor has been welcomed by his new teammates, who've accepted him with open arms. Asked what surprised him most in his short time as a Jet, though, he said: "How nice these guys were to me coming in, actually.

"Being a couple of lockers down from Brick, I remember he came in as a rookie and I was trying to abuse him as a rookie, and trying to get him going a little bit and see if I could get a personal foul on him and all that. ... But it was the guys in this locker room that have really made me feel welcome and what I thought would be a tough transition is going seamless."

Taylor is fitting in more by the day and seems pleased with the way things have transpired so far.

"It’s been fun, actually," he said. "It’s a chance to get a feel with your new team, run around a little bit and play some football. So I’ve enjoyed it. The guys have been great and really embraced me and made me feel welcome despite the past history. So it’s been a good time.

"I’m getting more and more used to it, you know? The first few days, it was a little strange putting the jersey on for the first time yesterday was a little different. But at the end of the day, they’ve made it so welcoming and so easy to make that transition. So it’s gone very well."

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Taylor remained limited again on OTAs today and that's probably the way it's going to be until training camp in Cortland. He had offseason shoulder surgery and the plan is to be cautious with him.

"I think it will be a training camp thing," Taylor said. "There really is no sense at this point to push it and have to take a step back from doing too much. So I’ll pace myself in these OTAs and minicamp and kind of learn the system and get the shoulder stronger. But come training camp, I think I’ll be fine."

Rex Ryan agreed and chuckled at something Taylor did in his first OTA session with the Jets on Tuesday that shows the competitive juices are still flowing. Shoulder surgery or no shoulder surgery.

"It’s funny, we had him out there and we’re going through some individual drills," Ryan said. "He comes off and lights somebody up. [He said] 'I just got a little excited.' I want to slow him down, proceed with caution and teach him the defense first. He’s itching to go though. He’ll be ready for training camp, without question."

His biggest adjustment in the meantime, obviously, is learning a totally new system that can be a bit, er, complex.

"Terminology is a lot different and a lot of the things they do is really different than what I used to see on film and think they were doing," he said. "So it’s very interesting. It’s actually exciting to see the variations this defense has. It will take a little time to learn it but I’ll be fine by the time we kick this thing off. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of changes in my career of coaches. So I’ve had a lot of systems and had to pick them up and this is somewhat similar to some of the things I’ve done in the past, so I’ll get it."

He added: "They have a good thing going here. They were No. 1 in defense last year and I don’t want to mess it up at all. I just want to add to it and do what I can to help this team. So whatever that may be, show me the way and I’ll go do it."

I asked Taylor what he thought about the talent the Jets have assembled on defense and what was going through his mind as he got his first look at the unit. "I hope we stay healthy, No. 1," Taylor said. "That’s the biggest thing – is staying healthy and staying humble and grinding it out every week. I think they did a good job of that last year and I think with the expectations being high this year in a lot of people’s minds, we need to continue to grind it out and stay healthy and stay humble like I said."

Taylor said he hasn't run into many Jets fans up here -- yet.

"Not really. I haven’t gone anywhere," he said. "I kind of go from work to the hotel and relax. I was in the city a little bit last week and had a couple. I think the ones that have bad things to say really haven’t said them. You can tell they are not the happiest about it, but everyone has been pretty good."

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With No. 99 already belonging to LB Bryan Thomas, Taylor didn't have a true option of getting the number he's worn throughout his professional career. He instead chose No. 99, opting to honor a former teammate in South Florida.

"Yeah, BT has 99 and regardless of what guys do around the league of buying numbers and taking numbers and all that, I have too much respect for BT," Taylor said. "He’s been around a long time. So having to choose another number, I had an old teammate Tim Bowens that was really instrumental in my career and special to me, so I took 95 in honor of him. And like I said the other day, he’s probably the most unselfish player I’ve ever played with and underrated player I ever played with. He’s a really good guy."