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Jamal Adams comes to the defense of Todd Bowles

Coach Todd Bowles has heard increasing criticism during

Coach Todd Bowles has heard increasing criticism during the Jets' three-game losing streak.   Credit: Getty Images/Mark Brown

Jamal Adams may be fed up with losing, but not with his coach. The Jets’ second-year safety went out of his way Tuesday to throw support at Todd Bowles, who has come under fire during a three-game losing streak.

“I’m all about T-Bowles,” Adams said during his weekly spot on WFAN’s “Carlin, Maggie and Bart” show. “I don’t think it’s him. So all those speculations and people saying that Todd Bowles needs to be gone – no, that’s not it.

“I’m for Todd Bowles. I’m with him through thick and thin, and I’m going to always support him. I think that he does a hell of a job preparing us as the coach of the team as well as our assistant coaches do a hell of a job. We just got to put it together. We can’t make up excuses. We got to go out and execute.”

Adams, a team captain, also backed Bowles during his fiery rant after Sunday’s 13-6 loss in Miami. Unsolicited, Adams said, “It’s not coach Bowles’ fault," before emphasizing how sick he was of losing and that “enough is enough.”

Bowles’ seat seems to be growing hotter because, in his fourth year as coach, the Jets appear headed for their third straight losing season. They fell to 3-6 after Sam Darnold threw four interceptions at Miami. A loss to the Bills (2-7) Sunday before the Jets’ bye would only make the whispers about Bowles’ job security grow louder.

Chairman Christopher Johnson said he wants to see progress this season. But the offense is regressing. Bowles continues to make questionable decisions – most recently keeping center Spencer Long in the game when his injured finger led to some off-target snaps to Darnold. Focus and discipline continue to be concerns as penalties repeatedly cost the Jets.

But Adams believes it's on the players to do more to turn around this season.

“Players play, coaches coach,” Adams said. “How I feel is we got to go out there and execute no matter what’s called. The players on the field, we got to go out there and make plays. I don’t like to sit here and blame people.

“How I look at it is I look at myself as a player on the team. I look in the mirror and I ask myself if I’m part of the problem, or am I part of the solution? Everybody on the team needs to look at their self and ask that question.”

This was part of the emotional message Adams was trying to send after the game. Linebacker Jordan Jenkins said something similar.

“We have to look ourselves in the mirror and ask, ‘What can I do to make this team better and what can I do to help out the team more?’ ” Jenkins said.

The Jets return to practice Wednesday, knowing this weekend is a must-win against Buffalo, which has its own issues on offense. In the last three games, Buffalo totaled 20 points and scored one touchdown. The Bills could start Derek Anderson, Josh Allen or Nathan Peterman at quarterback, depending on who’s healthy.

But the Jets are more concerned with themselves than their opponent. Adams called the Bills “a great team.” His focus is on making sure the team stays together during this rough time, but Adams has no doubt it will.

“This team’s not going to split up. It’s just not going to happen,” Adams said. “It’s not going to happen on my watch, it’s not going to happen on my leaders’ watches as well.

“I’m going to hold myself accountable toward this team. I think everybody on the team is going to do the same. We as a team have to continue to hold each other accountable and continue to stick together and figure out the answers.”

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