They were calling Tom Brady names again in the Jets' locker room Wednesday. None of the words used to describe the New England quarterback, however, was as derogatory as the one used by Antonio Cromartie on Tuesday.

"Tom Brady is a tough SOB, I'll tell you that," defensive end Trevor Pryce said. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And that's how I see him."

No one on the Jets seemed terribly upset with Cromartie for using a profane word to express how much he hated Brady in a published report Wednesday, though some players wish that he hadn't.

"If someone said that about me, I would be -- off and want to get back at him," guard Brandon Moore said. "But at the end of the day, the one thing you really don't need is extra motivation for this game."

Said Jets linebacker Bart Scott: "If that's what he felt he wanted to say, he can go ahead and say it. This is a Fifth Amendment type of locker room."

Scott likely meant the First Amendment as the Jets team, taking its cues from Rex Ryan, is known for speaking freely. Ryan, who said earlier this week that he respects Brady but doesn't like him, didn't seem terribly troubled by Cromartie's remarks.

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"I think his language was a little strong for me, but I think that's what happens this time of year," Ryan said. "This is the playoffs. Our whole team respects Brady, respects the Patriots. But we don't like any of them right now."

With his screaming and fist pumps after Patriots touchdowns, Brady has a unique style on the field that some players might find irritating, Pryce said. He, however, is not one of them.

"Peyton Manning is the one who irritates me because he won't celebrate at all," Pryce said of the Colts quarterback whom the Jets beat last Saturday. "Tom Brady will bump heads and fist pump with people, but Peyton Manning throws a touchdown and just walks off the field."

Pryce believes that Brady is the way he is because he's such a perfectionist.


"There's guys that chase perfection, and then there are guys that chase stats and wins," Pryce said. "He chases perfection. I've never seen a quarterback like him drop back and just stand there still. But he will. He's like a statue. Because he's perfect, and he expects his line and everyone around him to be perfect."

Perfect. Tough. A statue. And something unprintable. It's clear that the Jets are not at a loss for words when it comes to describing the quarterback they hope to beat. After Sunday's game, they may have even a few more.