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Jets D focused on recording first Titans turnover

So how do you force a team with no turnovers to turn the ball over?

That’s what the Jets have been trying to figure out all week.

Jake Locker is one of only a handful of quarterbacks who haven’t yet thrown an interception. Not to mention, the Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs are the only two teams that haven’t yet turned the ball over this season.

The Jets, meanwhile, have coughed up the ball eight times.

“There’s no question. That’s something we need to get better at,” Rex Ryan said of getting his defense to commit turnovers. “We have to create some opportunities for our offense. Obviously, this week’s going to be a huge challenge in that regard. This team hasn’t turned the ball over yet. But again, yeah, we need to.

“We’re doing an outstanding job, especially in the red zone. I’m not taking that away from our defense at all. Am I pleased with it? I’ve kind of expected that we’ll play (well) on defense. It seems like we’ve had one major breakdown per game. If we can eliminate it, like I said, we’ll be pretty good.

‘We gave up a touchdown on a blown coverage in the New England game and when Buffalo scored their touchdown, it was on a blown coverage also. Those are two right there... If we fix them and continue to play well, especially in the red zone, we should be pretty good.” 

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