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Jets' Dave DeGuglielmo says he's following orders by using Vlad Ducasse

Jets offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo tries to

Jets offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo tries to get the players moving during practice at the Atlantic Health Training Facility. (June 12, 2012) Credit: Joe Epstein

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Jets offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo held a contentious session with reporters Thursday, saying the decision to platoon guards Matt Slauson and Vlad Ducasse was made "high above me" and that he's merely following orders to keep 2010 second-round pick Ducasse in the rotation.

"He's played well enough to be an every-third-series guy -- maybe," DeGuglielmo said. "Nobody tells me directly where it's coming from [the call to put Ducasse in]. I just get the word that this guy's going in. Coordinator tells me what to do, I do it. In my job, it's best to do what I'm told to do." Rex Ryan clarified that the platoon is his call.

DeGuglielmo said in May that Wayne Hunter would be the Jets' starting right tackle "until they shoot me dead in my office." Hunter was traded to the Rams at the end of training camp, and DeGuglielmo said Thursday he was not consulted about the move.

Things were prickly from the start of the session, which came about after DeGuglielmo did not talk to reporters during the designated time for position coaches to speak during the bye week.

DeGuglielmo started off Thursday by saying he was at the team's facility all during the bye week, available to talk. But the facility was closed to reporters and it was after superstorm Sandy hit; there would have been no access regardless.

DeGuglielmo said that despite the offense's overall 30th ranking in the NFL, he thinks the offensive line has been doing a decent job. "I get comments from my boss, his boss, even his boss and the owner. And they don't seem to be dissatisfied," he said. "You see what you want to see, you write what you want to write . . . But my boss, his boss and his boss, and the owner have no problems with what's going on right now."

DeGuglielmo was the Dolphins' offensive line coach under Tony Sparano from 2009 through last season, then came to the Jets with Sparano this past offseason. He was the assistant O-line coach under Pat Flaherty with the Giants from 2004-08.

"If we were first in the league, it wouldn't be the offensive line's [doing]," he said. "But we're 30th in the league, and it's definitely on the offensive line. Every sack is mine, every sack is theirs. If the running game isn't going well, doesn't matter who's carrying the ball, doesn't matter why -- it goes on them. Could be holes as big as this room, doesn't matter. You sit in the chair down the street [with the Giants], see the same thing going on -- they got a reputation for one thing, we have a reputation for another thing. I'll leave my evaluation to the people that control my employment. You guys will write whatever you want anyway."

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