Jets coach Rex Ryan met recent skepticism about the defense that is his pride and joy by saying the numbers always are where they're supposed to be by the end of the season. But after the Jets gave up 245 yards rushing to San Francisco in a 34-0 loss Sunday at MetLife Stadium, the numbers are mounting in the wrong direction.

The loss of All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis to a torn ACL certainly can't be blamed for poor tackling by a defense that gave up eight runs of 10 yards or more to give the 49ers an average of 5.6 yards per carry.

"Without question, it was embarrassing," said pass-rush specialist Aaron Maybin, who made only one tackle.

But he didn't confine the Jets' defensive problems to tackling alone. "We had so many problems that you can't say it was one problem above all," Maybin said. "Our tackling was a problem; how many hats we got to the football was a problem; the fact that we were giving them certain looks we shouldn't have given them was a problem.

"There is definitely no shortage of blame to go around."

The 49ers' running game was so successful that quarterback Alex Smith wasn't forced to test the Jets' Revis-less pass defense too much. Smith completed 12 of 21 for 143 yards.

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"I think we did pretty good," said Antonio Cromartie, who took over the No. 1 cornerback role. "We still got beat on a couple throws down the field, but I think the communication was very good."

Cornerback Kyle Wilson, who was thrust into a starting role after Revis was injured, was called for interference on the first play of the game. But he wasn't burned for any long gainers.

"I understood the whole feeling of the game -- when they were taking shots, what they were doing on offense regarding down and distance and their tendencies and how you switch up some things," Wilson said. "I thought I did a good job mentally and understanding what was coming at me."

After the 34-0 loss, Ryan blasted his team's execution, and Cromartie implied the effort flagged in the fourth quarter, too. "Everybody should be [upset] the way we got whipped at home," Cromartie said.